Saturday, September 4, 2010

Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart

Once upon a time, Anne Brumley heard God tell her to wait in Charleston for true love. But her sister, Della, and cousin, Alicia, have their doubts. Is Saint Michael's new rector, Roy Summerall, the answer to Anne's prayers? He's not even sure he's the answer to the church's prayers! Does God have anything to say?

This book was a really good book, but when I started it, I couldn't put it down. Once you start reading the book, it takes on a different twist. I thought it would be a highly romantic book, but it really focuses on problems in Anne Brumley's family. I thought as the story moves along, that Anne's husband treats her terrible.

It deals with Anne Brumley, her sister and her cousin and I love how the author winds them all together. This book is actually a romance, suspense and intrigue all put together in one book. I love this book so much, I definitely would recommend this to everyone. Hey, just give it a try, I will promise you that you will love it. A VERY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!