Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Caregiver by Shelley Shepard Gray

Wounded hearts find hope and healing in the Amish village of Jacob's Crossing. The Caregiver to her cancer-stricken cousin, widow Lucy Troyer is struggling after suffering spousal abuse. When she meets Calvin Weaver, she wonders of God has brought him into her life for a reason. But can she ever trust a man again?

This book is the first book in Families of Honor Series. This book was a GREAT book in my opinion. Lucy Troyer has endured so many trials through her first marriage, with the abuse of her husband. When her husband accidentally is killed, she feels like she is free. I know I would be that way if I endured all that she did. After this happens, she finds out her favorite cousin and friend has cancer in Jacob’s Crossing. So, Lucy boards a train and goes to Jacob’s Crossing to help her out.

When Lucy boards a train, she meets Calvin Weaver and Katie,his sister. Lucy thinks the world of Katie but she is afraid to trust another man. But, when arrives in Jacob's Crossing, things change. It is a GREAT story, one that I think anyone would like, even if you like Amish or not. I am reading the 2nd book at this time.

I would suggest this book to my friends and family. I could not put this book down, you will love it.