Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Promise of an Angel by Ruth lReid

This book was provided to me by Zondervan Publishing in exchange for a review.

Book Description

In Mescota County, Michigan, an angelic visitor's words inspire Judith to a future she never imagined.

After a barn raising accident, Judith Fischer's convinced she's met an angel. However, her attempts to convince others end up frustrating her Old-Order Amish community. Only Andrew Lapp believes her, but the rest, including Levi Plank, the man's she's waited to marry, demand she forget the nonsense. Meanwhile, her younger sister Martha has taken a fancy to Levi and sees her sister's controversy as a perfect distraction for turning Levi's head.

In a dream, the angel tells Judith she must choose her path. As her faith continues to grow, so do her feelings for Andrew. Will she continue to place her hope in the angel's message, even if it means losing all she knows and loves?

My Review

This book was the first book I have read by Ruth Reid. This is the first book in the Heaven on Earth Series.  She is a GREAT Amish author and will definitely read more of her books. Thank you Ruth for giving us this book.

I really loved this book, it was a GREAT. This book starts out when Judith’s little brother falls off the roof and Judith Fischer is so upset that an angel appears to her. When she tells Levi Plank, who she thought she would marry someday, he just laughs at her. I thought he was really cruel. In fact, there is no one in her family that believes her. Andrew Lapp is the only one who believes her. Her and Andrew are more suited to be together in my opinion not Levi Plank, he was mean to her. Anyway, as the story goes on, her brother cannot walk but Judith always believes that. I will not say more because I will give it away.

Thanks, again, Ruth, you have given us readers a GREAT book. I just hope there will be more of them.