Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love Blooms in Winter by Lori Copeland

This book was supplied to me by Harvest House Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a Review.


Mae Wilkey's elderly neighbor, Pauline, needs family to come and help. But she doesn't remember if she has anybody. Mae finds a name in Pauline's desk and contacts Tom Curtis. He doesn't recall an Aunt Pauline, but decides to pay a visit in response to Mae's desperate letters. Will the journey bring more than Tom expect.

My Review

This is the first book in the Dakotah Diary Series by well known and very funny author Lori Copeland. I can’t wait for her 2nd book to come out. This is the story about Mae Wilkey and Tom Curtis and a little old lady by the name of Pauline. The story starts out about Mae finding Tom’s name in Pauline’s house and she writes him thinking he is a relative. He shows up but he is very confused because he doesn’t know who Pauline is at all. But, he stays thinking he is kin to Pauline. This book was so good, I would suggest this book to all my friends and family.

The way that Lori portrays Pauline is well worth the money to read this book. Pauline is in her 90s and a lot of the things she does she doesn’t remember doing them. Lori portrays her so GREAT, I laughed so much in this book and just thoroughly loved this book. And to have this disease, Dementia would be difficult I believe. Lori, you have done a great job, thank you for giving us such a GREAT job with this book.

I will definitely suggest this book and this series to my friends and family.