Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seek Me with All Your Heart by Beth Wiseman

Emily Detweiler's family abruptly moved to Colorado after tragedy struck in Ohio. But Emily can't get far enough to escape what happened there.
David Stoltzfus is not happy when his family relocates from Pennsylvania to Colorado. Never mind that they haven't told him why. David struggles not only with this unwelcome move, but also with the fear that a health condition could keep him from living his life in full.

Emily and David each come to terms with a past that follows them, testing their faith and resolve. Will they overcome adversity and step onto the path God has chosen for them?

I loved this book so much, I can’t wait until the next book comes out. Thank you Beth for giving us such a good book. I cried and laughed in it also. The book is about families that have left Ohio and Pennsylvania to start a new life and the struggles they have when they arrive in Canaan, Colorado. It tells of the struggles between Emily Detweiler and David Stolzfus and how they overcome their problems, mentally and physically. It even draws you in as David’s aenti Kati Ann has marriage problems. It is just a GREAT book.