Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper

I am a reviewer for Harvest House Publishers.

Cara Bentley is raised by her grandfather to appreciate family. When she discovers—quite by accident—that he was adopted, her whole perspective changes. If he wasn’t a Bentley, who was he? If she isn’t a Bentley, who is she? She determines to find her real family. Ending up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she takes a room at the Zook family farm. When she seeks the help of attorney Todd Reasoner, the search for the truth begins in earnest. But as mysterious accidents begin to happen, Cara suspects her attempt to find out the truth is not welcome-and neither is she.

This story is very good. It keeps your interest from the start. You will fall in love with Cara Bentley, as I did. Cara Bentley is full of life and I think that is GREAT. She goes in search of her grandfather’s real family after he passes away and in the mean time, she finds love. Her brother is not in favor of her going to search for this part of their roots but she does it anyway, she is so independent. I thoroughly loved this book. I will suggest this book to everyone.