Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finding Becky by Martha Rogers

Rob Frankston has waited four years for Becky Haynes to come home, but she arrives back in Barton Creek, newly graduated from college with an independent spirit that puzzles him. Believing the old Becky is hidden beneath her fa├žade of newfound independence, he is determined to find and bring her back. Is it just jealousy? Or, will he find answers and convince Becky to return to the faith of her childhood before it's too late?

Becky has been away to college back east in Boston. She returns to Barton Creek, Oklahoma, where she was raised. Rob Frankston has waited for her and is in love with her. She arrives in Barton Creek and gets off the train with a stranger, Geoff Kensington who is from Chicago, Illinois. Rebecca Haynes shows affection to both of them, but as the story goes, Geoff Kensington wants Becky’s father Ben Haynes to sell part of his farm to him and the company who has sent him to Barton Creek under the guise of Ben selling his cattle to him. But, strange things start happening and then Geoff is attacked.

This book is one of the best ones I have read. I have read the first 2 books in this series. I highly recommend this book as well. I believe that you will not be disappointed, especially if you are from Oklahoma as I am. Enjoy.