Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When Two Hearts Meet by Janelle Mowery

This Book was sent to me by Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a Review.

Description of Book

Rachel Garrett finds that attaining her dream of becoming a nurse is fraught with peril. A deputy sheriff with a wall around his heart doesn't help matters, but when she learns why Luke Mason has barricaded his heart, her desire to heal confronts an even greater challenge. Her need of his protection from an unknown assailant might be the force that sends his wall crashing down around them.

Luke became a deputy in order to find the men who killed his father. He turns his back on God, only to run into the fiery Miss Garrett, who is a constant reminder of his lost faith. As Luke hunts for Rachel's attacker, he finds she has snared his heart. Faced with the fear of losing another loved one, he must decide whether he can learn to rely on God to save her-or run from the love both offer.

My Review

This book is the third and final book in the Colorado Runaway Series.

I love Janelle Mowery’s books so much, she is one of my favorite authors of all time. She grabs me at my heart strings and just won’t let loose. This book was like that, I laughed and cried in the places of the book. I love the way she puts bible verses in the story as well and sometimes it just makes you think about your own life.

This book is about Rachel Garrett who takes a job as a nurse in Rockdale, Colorado. She meets Luke Mason, the deputy in Rockdale. She holds a secret about her life also and finally after so many incidents that happen, she has to tell Luke about her life before she came to Rockdale.

As the story moves on, she is seen a lot with the deputy, Luke Mason. They form a friendship but he has turned his back on God and Rachel talks a lot about the Lord to him. He finally decides to listen to Rachel. This book is excellent and I would suggest this book to my family and friends.

I just want to thank Harvest House Publishers for being able to read this book and give a review on this book.