Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Home for Lydia by Vannetta Chapman

This Book was supplied to me by Harvest House Publishers through NetGalley for a review in return.

Book Description

Aaron Troyer simply wants to farm like his father and grandfather before him. But instead he finds himself overseeing the family's small group of guest cabins nestled along the banks of Pebble Creek. That also means he must work with the cabins' housekeeper, Lydia Fisher.

Lydia is the most outspoken Amish woman Aaron has ever met, and she has strong opinions about how the guest cabins are to be run. She also desperately needs this job. Though sparks fly between boss and employee at first, when the cabins are robbed, nothing is more important to Aaron than making sure Lydia is safe.
My Review

This book is the book 2 in the Pebble Creek Amish Series by Vannetta Chapman.  I love Vannetta’s books and if you like her as well as I do, you will not be disappointed. 

This book is about Lydia Fisher and Aaron Troyer.  Lydia has worked for Aaron’s uncle for a while trying to maintain the cabins.  When Aaron’s uncle passes away, Aaron Troyer comes to Pebble Creek Wisconsin.  Lydia has issues and so does Aaron when the 2 of them meet.  They both have to get through these issues and they do. 

They both work together and at first, they don’t get along at all, it is almost like they hate each other but really don’t.  How God brings these 2 people together is amazing.  Then Miriam Miller is scared when her mamm gets sick and Miriam is so afraid that her mamm is going to die, but she doesn’t.  The Lord pulls her through.  But what Miriam has to go through, it is only the work of the Lord saying “Trust Me”.  I’ve been there before when I had to put all my trust in him and he whispered “Trust Me”. 

It is such a GREAT book, I know that you will want to read this.  I loved it and thank you Vannetta for giving us all such a GREAT book to read and give a review on. 
I won’t say anything else, I don’t want to spoil the book for you.  I really would suggest this book to read, it is a GREAT one.  I couldn’t’ hardly put it down.  I would definitely suggest this book to my family and friends.  Thank you Vannetta for giving us this story.

Thank you Harvest House, for giving me the opportunity to read this book and give this review.