Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher

Harvest House Publishers supplied me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Ella Yoder's wedding with Aden Wengerd and the building of their dream house is set for June. But when Aden is suddenly taken from her, Ella begins to doubt God's love.
When her family pressures her to marry the new young bishop, Ella asks for six months to heal from Aden's death. Meanwhile, Aden's brother, Daniel, helps Ella build her dream house based on a drawing by Ella's sister, Clara and now incorporated into Ella's wedding quilt. Can healing come through a house.a quilt..a community?

This book was a GREAT book in my opinion. Ella is so happy with her life since she is preparing to marry Aden Wengerd. But Ella’s life is torn upside down when she loses Aden, her fiancĂ©. Then she has to deal with her emotions which has to be so hard to do. I have never lost a spouse and I think that would be hard to do, even though Ella was not Aden's bride yet. She loved him with so much love, more love than I have ever read about in a lot of books.

I love how Jerry Eicher brings out the emotions in this book. A lot of the time, there are not enough emotions after losing a spouse or even a fiance, but in this book, he has done a fabulous job.

I can’t wait until the 2nd book comes out. I also love how her family surrounds her with love and then Daniel, Aden’s brother builds her dream house. You will definitely enjoy this book. I would suggest this book to everyone who loves the Amish books and if you haven't read the Amish books, you need to.