Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Healing by Wanda Brunstetter

This book was supplied to me by Barbour Publishing for a review in return.

Single father Samuel Fisher of Lancaster County is still grieving over his wife's untimely death when his brother Titus talks him into making a fresh start. Samuel packs up his four kids and heads for the Bluegrass Country. Esther Beiler, who helps watch Samuel's offspring, develops a crush on the widower and a true affection for his children. Can she ever replace his wife, or will that role go to Bonnie Taylor, an English Innkeeper who provides work and witty conversation for the stressed widower? Can an Amish man burdened by yesterday's memories find hope in Kentucky, the land of tomorrow?

This book is Book 2 in “Kentucky Brothers Series”. This book was a GREAT book. It was so good that I didn’t want to put it down. I have read almost all of Wanda Brunstetter’s books and I just thoroughly love her work.

Samuel Fisher loses his wife and the baby she is carrying in a horrible accident, she falls and breaks her neck. He has a hard time dealing with the grief and having to take care of his 4 children, so he packs everyone up and they move to Kentucky. They stay with Titus (Samuel’s brother) until Samuel can get things worked out in his head.

In the meantime, he gets a job; but needs someone to look after his kids. He hires Esther Beiler and she falls in love with his kids and eventually she discovers she has feelings for Samuel. After a while, Samuel comes around and starts courting Esther. Things are going smoothly until he attends the wedding of Titus and Suzanne and then the old feelings of his wife show up and he decides to break it off with Esther. He breaks her heart so bad, I felt so sorry for her and I cried and cried for her. But, he finds something his wife wrote in her journal that she wants him to find another wife who loves him and the kids. Esther is both of these. They patch things up then.

Again, this is a GREAT book, one that I would suggest to my friends and family.