Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Woman's Walk in Truth by Vonette Bright

This Book was suppled to me by Harvest House Publishers for a review in return.

In good times and bad, God is with you. vonette Bright, cofounderk of Campus Crusade for; Christ, offers over 200 inspiring 5-minute devotions that explore God's Word.

I want to thank Harvest House Publishers for sending me this book. I think that this book is such a good book on Devotions for living every day. It is such an inspirational book, not long in content at all. Everytime I would sit down and read this book, I could just feel Jesus right there with me talking to me through this book.

This book has a title of the devotion at the top of the page and I really liked that also. Then after the devotion was scripture verse(s) and then at the end Vonette would put a comment of what she believes and it just touched my heart and the holy spirit just touched my life. I love this book.

I really loved the devotion on the Prodigal Son so I thought I would quote the scripture and it is as follows:

"This Son of mine was dead and has now reutrned to life. He was lost and he is found". Luke 15:24.

The message that Vonette put at the bottomj of the devotion is: "The Loving Heart of God is eager to Restore Anyone.

I would suggest this book to my family and friends.