Thursday, August 11, 2011

The One Who Waits For Me by Lori Copeland

This Book was sent to me by Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a Review.

Bestselling author Lori Copeland (Walker’s Wedding and Outlaw’s Bride) sets her brand-new story in North Carolina the months after the Civil War. In the midst of chaos, there is also a sense of possibility and the hope of love when:

•Sisters Beth and Joanie run from a vindictive uncle toward healing
•Trella, a pregnant young slave, leaves a plantation for freedom
•Gray Eagle, a Cherokee military scout, finds refuge for the young women
•Captain Pierce, a quiet man of faith, heads for a plot of land and a new life
•Samuel, a black soldier, longs to follow his father’s preaching legacy

The intersecting lives and tales of these engaging characters and those they meet along the way create an uplifting story of tested faith, growing seeds of love, and the challenge and gift of believing God’s promise of a future.

This book is the first book in the Carolina Moon series by well known author Lori Copeland. I have read a lot of books by Lori and she is such a great author. She just grabs you in her books and you can’t put down the book. That is how it was for me. It is such a GREAT story that I just couldn’t’ put the book down. I love the characters in it, especially Beth, she can cause so much trouble, it is funny. I laughed in this book and cried as well.

This book starts out as 3 soldiers are just trying to make it home after the war, but things change for them. They run into 2 sisters (Beth and Joanie Jornigan) and one slave who is pregnant, Trellis Jones. The soldiers find Beth and Joanie in a field surrounded by fire and their lives are never the same. The 2 sisters cousin and Uncle cause so much trouble because they want their nieces back to work the fields and beat them. In the meantime, there are feelings there for Beth, Joanie, Trellis along with the soldiers (Pierce, Preach and Gray Eagle). It is wonderful reading about how GOD intersects the lives of the women and the soldiers.

This is such a great book, I would suggest this book to my friends and family. I hope you will pick up this book and enjoy it.