Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hope Springs by Kim Cash Tate

This Book was supplied to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers through NetGalley for a review in return.

Book Description

Hope Springs, North Carolina, is the epitome of small town life-a place filled with quiet streets where families have been friends for generations, a place where there's not a lot of change. Until three women suddenly find themselves planted there for a season.

Janelle hasn't gone back to Hope Springs for family reunions since losing her husband. But when she arrives for Christmas and learns that her grandmother is gravely ill, she decides to extend the stay. It isn't long before she runs into her first love, and feelings that have been dormant for more than a decade are reawakened.

My Review

This book is the first book of Kim Cash Tate’s that I have read and I guarantee you, it will not be the last one either. She has a way of intertwining everyone into her story, you feel like you are there.

I love how Kim just draws you into her stories and this one is GREAT. I felt very close to Grandma Geri because she reminded me of what my grandma would have been like if she had lived long enough. I was only 7 when she passed away.

This story intertwines Janelle, Stephanie and Libby and I love how Kim just brings them so close together and how Jesus changes their lives. At first, I felt sorry for Janelle since she lost her husband and has to raise her kids. But, as the story goes on, you can see Jesus working in her heart. I thoroughly love that.

I grew really close to all of them, but I think I loved Grandma Geri the best. She was struggling through some pretty deep issues and I won’t tell you what they are because that would spoil it for you. She gets cancer and what she endures is amazing but she never left the Lord, if anything she grew closer.

Thank you Thomas Nelson Publishers for giving me a chance to read and review this WONDERFUL book. Thank you, Kim Cash Tate for giving us all a good book to read and learn how Jesus moves. I just have to say this one thing, “Jesus does not move, we do”. Just a thought.

I would definitely suggest this book to my family and friends.