Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer

This Book was supplied to me by Zondervan Publishers through NetGalley for a review in return.

Book Description

West Kootenai, Montana is known for it's fall hunting season. Amish men "hunting" for brides and a good hunting season, arrive in spring to make sure they have official "residency" for both events!

Sarah Shelter has lived in W. Kootenai for the last ten years and wonders if she will ever fall in love. Since the tragic death of her best friend, she carries her memories in a jar along with the small items connected to them. For just as long, she's also been carrying around her emotions instead of allowing them to penetrate deep into her heart. Will there ever be someone kind and gentle who can break down that wall?

My Review

This book is the first book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelor Series by Tricia Goyer.  She is one of the best authors I have had the privilege to read about the Amish.  This book starts in W. Kootenai, Montana.  Sarah Shelter lives and works in W. Kootenai.  She had a really good friend and she was killed and it is hard on Sarah, she thinks no one cares.  She has a jar that she carries with her everywhere she goes.  Then she meets Jathan and she falls for him pretty hard.  He then leaves Montana and has to go back to Ohio, even though he doesn’t want to.  He eventually calls Sarah and asks her to come and help out at the bakery that his mom runs in Ohio.  So, Sarah decides to go.  Things happen and I just can’t let you know what happens. 

This book is so GOOD, I would suggest that everyone read this one.  I loved it.  I plan on reading a lot more of Tricia Goyer’s books.  Thanks Tricia, for giving us such great books.  You really need to pickup this book, it is wonderful. Thank you Zondervan, for giving me the opportunity to read this book and give this review.